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Intrado, formerly West Corporation is an American telecommunications company. It became a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management on October 11, 2017.


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Former Employee - Vice President says

"Prepare for a total reorg every 6-8 weeks"

Former Employee - Client Relationship Manager says

"Round after round of layoffs. Unclear job roles and responsibilities. Constant maintenances to the platform that result in production issues to our clients’ programs. The company has slashed our staff to the point where clients are threatening to leave, people are having breakdowns, and the workload has become unmanageable. Upper level leadership is either completely out of touch with what their decisions have done, or they simply do not care."

Current Employee - Telecom Technicians says

"Training, Turnover, Management, Dis-ingenuity, Vacation, Micro-managing, Venture Capitalist Ownership"

Current Employee - Client Success Manager says

"Intrado is hands-down the worst company I have ever worked for. Management talks a big game but does not deliver on any of their promises. They do not care about the well-being of their employees (or the employees of the companies they acquire). The benefits and time-off are absolutely terrible as well. I have never felt as defeated or hopeless as I do in my current role at this company. Stay far away. It's just not worth sacrificing your sanity and emotional well-being for a company that will demand much of you and offer nothing in return,"

Current Employee - Digital Events Coordinator says

"This is the most lackluster leadership I've ever encountered in my life. The strategy is so unimaginative and there's a display of very low emotional intelligence. Benefits are terrible as well. When the subject of benefits and paternal/maternal leave were brought up to Ben Chodor, the response was, "Well we're not the best and we're not the worst. " That pretty much sums it i up - when it comes to taking care if its employees, Intrado is middle of the road as it gets."

Former Employee - Senior Technical Support Specialist says

"Poor communication from executive level down. Company does not respect or retain good and experienced employees. Tenure, loyalty and being a dedicated employee has no bearing on your retention as an employee. If you make too much money your position is eliminated due to a "business decision" and someone is hired in at a lower rate of pay or the position will not be filled which creates larger workloads for employees. Executives are in a bubble and have no clue how hard the grassroots employees work."

Current Employee - Event Specialist says

"However, the rapid changes in this company is really tiring and exhausting. The employees always adjust and it seems like the management doesnt' care with their employees at all."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Insurance and Benefits are terrible, Sales Leaders/Management are disorganized and ineffective, Company morale is non-existent, Absolutely zero comradery, Interview process is a stuttering joke"

Former Employee - Sales says

"They have had consistent lay offs for the past 4 years and are a company that is currently going downhill. They are owned by Apollo Management who is likely looking to sell them off and piece them out. Very high turn over"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Layoffs are too frequent. This has lead to critical employees being laid off and a lack of resources to produce quality products. Despite working with 9-1-1 life critical data there is more focus on money than on quality. Compensation is below market value."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"West Corporation “rebranded” as Intrado Managers are allowed to be nasty and disrespectful when interacting with their subordinates. Everyone has a bad attitude. Forget about making any meaningful changes, unless you like exercises in futility and getting thrown under the bus by your teammates. An IT company that relies on the basest and cheapest antiquated software. Upper management claims humility and doesn’t accept pay increases, but still accepts 6 figure bonuses and then lay off 50 people. Schedules are flexible, but forget work/life balance. Every action has to be quantified and approved. Interdepartmental relationships are non-existent, and spend more time “passing the buck” than actually trying to fix anything. “Core Values” are used as an excuse to write up anyone not towing the “do as I say, not as I do” company line and culture. Doesn’t matter if the company is West Corp or Intrado. You’re still going to have the same reputation until you stop treating your employees like a credit card you continually transfer from one to another with a lower interest rate. 95% of employees leave after 2 years... take the hint.Company Kitchen operates a full kitchen and salad bar in the main floor.managers are liars, Nepotism/favoritisms rampant, Expect to work nights and weekends, constantly accused of not having enough to do to justify the hours worked, claims theyre “transparent” but it’s usually just to find out what the employees already know, if you love being exhausted and disrespected this is the place for you"

Manager, Systems Administration (Former Employee) says

"The worst company anyone could ever work for. They are wholly owned by Apllo Holdings. They are grinding every dollar out of the company. Intrado lays off workers every quarter, and is currently replacing those employees with cheaper alternatives in Mexico and the Philippines. Every department is run with an absolute minimum of employees, i.e. two per team. They have to rotate on call work on a weekly basis. Healthcare benefits are terrible. Support from management is weak at best.They paychecks don't bounce, yet.Healthcare, No Job Security, Skelton crews."

Anon (Former Employee) says

"This is not a good company to work for. The salaries are not competitive or aligned with market rate, expectations are unrealistic at times and senior management are so removed from the business and their teams they make ridiculous decisions.As above"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to provide for this company. They have been very disappointing in the past few years and don't seem to be making a change in the actions. If looking may want to look at more reviews."

Incident Administrator (Former Employee) says

"New Management has ruined what was once a wonderful place to work. No investment in employees or concern for employee needs."

Tech Ops (Current Employee) says

"I've worked at this company for almost 20 years. It was great to start, but since the takeover by West, things have gotten unbearable and toxic for employees. Benefits have been drastically cut - 401k matching has been reduced to almost nothing, consistently underpaid for most positions, nowhere near competitive salary for the area, advancement and raises are non-existent unless you are upper management. Seems like monthly layoffs, consolidation of jobs and responsibilities meaning more work for fewer people without compensation or training. The people I work with in my direct team are decent hard workers but all are looking for new jobs. Most people I talk to around the building are also looking for new jobs elsewhere. I would recommend running as far away from West Safety Services as possible.Nice building, GymEverything Else"

SVC Delivery Project Specialist (Current Employee) says

"West is trending down in every aspect. There are more and more layoffs, benefits are reduced, and employee treatment is declining. When benefits are taken away we are told it is because the company doesn't want to be above the industry standard in any aspect.easy workpoor direction, poor communication, poor benefits, unhappy people"

Sr SQA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Too much Micro managing Too much politics and people like me don't enjoy politics.."

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Don't waste your time here or you will regret it. Management is a mess here. The take the hack engineers and "promote them". So then they end up managers who have no education, training or experience and drive everybody crazy until they quit. You've been warned. Don't work here unless you are cafeteria, decent pay and benefits, lots of parkingtoo many to mention. don't waste your time here."


"Over the course of a few years upper management stopped hiring anyone in the US for my department, however we were allowed to hire from an internal team from the Philippines. The work was amazing, lots of things to do and learn. My immediate leadership was great.Great Experience in a global Managed Service Provider.RIFs, and "insourcing" from the Phillipines."

Intrado Employee (Former Employee) says

"Multi million (if not billion) dollar corporation, yet they cannot clearly define your role, and offer clear, concise training and documentation to back up some of the most ridiculous policies I've ever seen in a company. The worst part? They provide 911 call taking equipment to the vast majority of metropolitan areas in the country. And its all supported using 56k dial up technology to save money and avoid difficult conversations with their customers. So lets compromise public safety in the name of budgeting! They throw a lot of talented people vastly experienced in real world applications into a proprietary system and the only training that's offered to support people is installation training.Think of it this way; Its like if they developed a proprietary snow shovel that no one has ever seen before. And to train the support people on how to use this shovel...they show you how they make them. Little to no transparency between departments. Which is fine, except these departments have to interface with each other to resolve issues. Kind of hard to know who to interface with on what when you have no idea what other departments do in the same company you work for. Compensation is good, which makes no sense how a company who had a vast amount of absolute morons running the executive level of management can remain profitable. Yay for government subsidy contracts! Its not what you know, its who you know! And that's important for public safety! Do yourself a favor, look elsewhere for employment. if you actually have integrity to make your workplace better for all thoseGood payManagement, policy, process, product, documentation, training, ownership"

Sr. System Administrator (Current Employee) says

"At least twice a year, in the past 4 years there were sessions of arbitrary layoffs. They are owned by Apollo Management who is trying to replace all US and Canadian employees with cheap labor-force from Philippines and Mexico, no matter the quality of the work.Not much on the positive side, there are still good people there, ready to help you, but less and less of them.All that matters is this quarter profit and anything will be done in the name of it."

Associate Implementation Specialist, Longmont (Former Employee) says

"This company does not compensate enough for the amount of stress the employees work under. You are reminded day to day that you hold peoples lives in your hands."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"The company has no idea how to grow. They are saddled with debt and scared to move. They'll sell off the pieces soon. The work itself was good but leadership is clueless."

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"West does not compensate its employees fairly. They pay well below the national average when it comes to wages. The health insurance was mediocre and expensive. The work was certainly "work worth doing," however, they gave me the impression that the employees weren't worth their dime. They started sweeping layoffs a couple years into my employment because they felt they weren't growing enough to justify the number of employees. The fact is, they almost have a monopoly in the market. How can they possibly expect to grow from that? I do not recommend working here. The skills learned are West specific, and do not transfer to other roles easily. With all the negatives, however, my direct managers were excellent to work with, and knew how to manage me based off my strengths. That is something I have yet to find at other companies.Some supervisors were well-engaged with their employeesTerrible upper management and compensation"

Information Technology Manager (Former Employee) says

"The leadership team does not support the employees. Constant churn of employees and mid level management. Management and supervisors undermines and de-values employees. Constant changing of corporate directives. Very clique oriented and back stabbing by peers and managers is common. The company was a better place to work before West acquired Intrado. Used to be employee focused then it was all about the bottom dollar regardless of the adverse impact to critical 911 systems.Free soda and coffee.If you're not in the good ole' boy (or girl) network you're done! Back stabbing, Undermining is common. Lack of direction and management support."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This place is for you if you're looking for a customer facing job. But if you're an engineer or even semi-technical, stay away or it will be a horrible career move. The software engineering department is a disaster due to incompetent management. They take the worst engineers and "promote" them into management. So they have no training, no experience and no managerial education. You've been warned. They attempt to develop software in an agile method. However, due to lack of training and education at the managerial level, it is a total train wreck. To summarize, Intrado is a great place to work if you are not technical. Otherwise, run far far away from this place or your career will suffer and you will be miserable in this place.Lots of parking, restaurant, starbucks, pay is competitiveManagement is a disaster in engineering department"

Data NOC Technician (Former Employee) says

"I can't believe that i was offered a job, accepted it and next day revoke the offer because i am only 2 years and few months in the state. What of other company that employed without 7 years of you being in the state. I was told to pass background check I most be 7 years In the state. I can't recommend anyone to the company. What a terrible experience with the company. If you are a permanent resident don't even waist your time."

Account Executive/Sales (Former Employee) says

"When this company was not indebted to the stock market and worrying about paying out dividends it was a great place to work. Now the company culture is the worst its ever been and management is a bunch of lemmings scared of their own shadows. Morale is at an all time low. I would stay away from Intrado-West corporation!!!nonesweat shop"

Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I loved doing the work at West Corp. The company was acquired and that made everyone uneasy. Communication from management was very poor. Although I created new ways of make my job more efficient, my supervisor never appreciated anything I did."

Run, Forrest, Run! says

"Stay away unless you like to be brow beaten, devalued, fed word salad, manipulated, gaslit and just generally mind f#$(ed in addition to being worked into the ground. The expectation is that the company provides the bare minimum in exchange for your soul. RUN! Do not walk. Do not pass go. Do not work for Intrado" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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